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Allow Myself to introduce... Myself

Yoooo! Welcome to the site, a little about me? Ok, i guess... I'm a proud father of 4 beautiful babies and no i dont have a favorite haha. We play games together, they build their own computers just like their daddy and are all better lookin and smarter than me too haha.

I am passionate about many things in life, the first and foremost are my little monsters. I also LOVE making videos, working on my photography, and just recently, really got into making A.I. art masterpieces, which you can see here on the website. Its pretty amazing. My videos usually involve how to's and reviews of mmo pc games and i also have another youtube channel about hearing aids, the functionality, operation and troubleshooting of them. That channel is "Hearing Club" so make sure you check it out. Oh ya, i'm also passionate about helping people hear again, or better understand their loved ones. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they hear a good quality hearing aid and can understand again is pretty amazing. I'm fortunate to really love my job. But it wasn't always that way....

I drive a mustang, of course.... i love going to the gym and trying to stay healthy. If any of you have questions, wanna get ahold of me, or just wanna chit chat, you can reach me on any of my socials on the home page or even some day, use this chat feature here on the website, or the forums, or... ok im rambling lol. I'll update this when i have some more eloquent, um... sentences. Peace dudes and ladies!!!



These are my babies! Well my oldest doesn't wanna be on here so i have to respect that. Shes 17... so ya.

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